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Several team members hold positions in other companies/startups which may jeopardize their involvement in the Akropolis project.

Individual users, pension funds, pension fund managers, asset developers and tokens will be part of the platform. The Akropolis platform allows individuals to manage all of their pensions in one place. A key function of the AKT s to serve as an onboarding utility token that allows participants to access the Akropolis platform. However, the existing lack of transparency on the traditional pensions market, significant market growth rates and technological progress, contribute to the possible demand in blockchain pension solutions.

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  • No, Akropolis is not a pension fund. Akropolis is a technology company dedicated to the delivery of the sector-specific protocol.

The Akropolis (AKT) platform will initially be launched on Ethereum with the ultimate goal of becoming blockchain agnostic.

The Akropolis team seems to be qualified enough to deliver such project. The Akropolis platform acts as a gateway between individuals, pension funds and the fund asset managers that manage retirement investments. A company with a vision to solve this world-wide pension deficit problem is Akropolis. Akropolis’ platform is novel as they propose a dual currency solution, the external token AKT and internal stable coin AIT.

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It will provide an efficient gateway between both individual users and institutional pension funds, and the fund/asset managers who traditionally manage pension investments.

The users of Akropolis, non-institutional investors, will be able to use the platform’s basic services for free as a way to easily onboard clients. In addition to that, several team members do not state the Akropolis project as their current employer which creates risks associated with part-time involvement. Akropolis is taking on a very complex industry head first, making pensions more accessible and simple for people around the world. Akropolis is a blockchain start-up which was born with the mission to solve the problem of pensions.

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Pension Funds (PFs) — Pension Funds are institutional entities that may (or may not) currently exist in the pension industry and who maintain their own platform and collection of users.

The creation of the world’s first pensions blockchain platform requires significant effort and expertise from the team behind it. These institutional funds will act similarly to individual users on the Akropolis platform. There are two types of tokens within the Akropolis platform. Enterprise License Fees — In comparison to the public Akropolis platform, an enterprise solution shall exist for PFs to manage and track their investments across the Akropolis platform.

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Individuals may allow various Akropolis platform parties to access some or all of their private data and receive AKT tokens as a reward.

We would like to note that Akropolis has a strong project team. Ranking and Reputation: Any user who is managing funds/assets on the Akropolis platform must be extensively reviewed to comply with both internal platform standards and all relevant laws and regulations. Asset Tokenizers — Assets procured on the Akropolis platform must be tokenized in order for the decentralized components of the system to function effectively. In addition to that, several team members do not state Akropolis as their current employer which creates the risk of part-time involvement.

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Akropolis with its current team, and ambitious roadmap could become a solution for this huge problem, which is definitely a good sign for a long-term holding.

The company reunites experts in blockchain technology, pension and savings funds which are already working on solutions to these problems and issues. Blocking is an excellent platform, especially where transparency and clear data records are needed, as in pension funds. They must undergo stringent vetting processes to obtain access to the Akropolis platform and must regularly report on the assets under their management. She will be the connection between the aging pension funds and this new technology platform and I 100% believe that she will excel in this. Available Tokens for sale 0 % The global pension industry is in serious trouble, with many funds underfunded and heading for disaster unless solutions are applied right away. By being ahead of the trend, Akropolis takes a leading view on the tech pension funds and asset managers necessarily must provide for their clients in the coming decades. Today, our blog will review a new blockchain company called Akropolis, which works in the field of pensions and savings for retirement. The goal of Akropolis is to be the largest alternative infrastructure for pensions globally by creating decentralized pensions on the blockchain using smart contracts.