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DAV wants to create a massive open-source hub network for self-driving vehicles to discover, communicate and transact with one another.

When asked why they need a token, the  team replies: “DAV tokens are essential for a truly decentralized transportation marketplace. Should the autonomous industry take off, chances are high that this project will see huge gains in terms of token value. DAV Network ICO Review by CoinRunners.VIP DAV is an open source software platform that allows anyone to buy or sell autonomous transportation services in a decentralized market.

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  • Pre-sale and public sale: 40%
  • Sold in pre-sale: 14,000,000 USD
  • Bounties and partnerships: 25%
  • Long-term budget: 20%
  • Team and advisors: 15%
  • Team vesting: 15 months with linear quarterly cliffs

2017 2018 2019 Github Activity DAV Coin will be a utility token, used to pay for services or reward for providing a service.

Token sales listed from persons that ICOholder has no relationship with are shown only to help customers keep track of the activity taking place within the overall token sector. We believe the team would benefit from putting all of these together into a single easily understandable white paper. It’s the type of project that could truly benefit from blockchain technology, however, there are a couple of external factors that must be considered before investing.

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As an open-source software platform, DAV enables any individual to either purchase or sell services of autonomous transportation in a market that is fully decentralized.

DAV is a blockchain-based transportation protocol which enables a decentralized, peer to peer, global transportation network. People who own those vehicles or the charging stations on the network can make money for the services they provide. Available for Token Sale: 40% 10-Mar: We didn’t participate, but a lot of people from our community like it.

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The project developers themselves and the advisory board members are representatives of large, universally recognized world companies (NASA, UPS, Bancor,

Noam created the world’s first smartphone encryption system and has previously founded other companies but DAV appears to be his most ambitious project. DAV wants to benefit the world of autonomous vehicles. Essentially, to support DAV is to support the autonomous vehicle industry.

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The DAV Network tokens will cost 1 ETH per 10,000 DAV tokens.

I am not sure I fully understand the text “enables vehicles to discover, communicate, and transact with one another using DAV tokens.” The project team presented a detailed road map, an analysis of the competitive landscape and current market trends, as well as a well thought out business model. They have a strong team with lots of experience and they can help push people towards their vision of the future.

Buy DAV Network ICO Whitelist

The success or failure of DAV relies entirely on the public’s acceptance of autonomous vehicles, but DAV is one of the only ICO’s targeting this industry.

The DAV network would give consumers access to all autonomous self-driving vehicles via their hub; ships, land vehicles, aircraft, drones, and more. The DAV Network core team consists of experts in the automotive industry, aviation, aerospace, emerging technologies, and autonomous systems. Instead, anyone can buy “tokenized risk” by holding the Etherisc token and earn returns on the risk they are taking. Third-party investors can also earn by providing services to the network, especially ones that help counter any risks with autonomous vehicles. Investors will grow the network’s infrastructure, and in return, will earn back their investment by supporting autonomous vehicles as a whole. Through DAV, cars, drones, ships, and more will all connect with one another in an open-source p2p network. The Etherisc team appears to be fairly large with lots of experienced people from a variety of industries. However, the project team claims that the legal side of the project is being worked out by well-known law firms and will be published closer to the ICO start date.